Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Day 4: (wednesday)

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the story:

It has been a little bit cooler here in the early mornings and late evenings, but warms up significantly during the day. (Typical SE Qld weather!) Tahlia claims she doesn't feel the cold but I don't like seeing her wear just a t-shirt and shorts when there is a definite bite in the air... as well as swine flu!

So today was a pupil-free day at school, thanks to the Ekka (Brisbane Show), and she was in a quandary as to what to dress into... Knowing that I would promptly tell her to turn around and put something warmer on, this was her solution! Toe socks!

Tahlia felt confident that she could get away with wearing her t-shirt and shorts, if she combined the outfit with a pair of rainbow coloured toe socks! And she was right! At least she wasn't walking around on the floor tiles in bare feet...and it made me happy to see she was thinking ahead and taking initiative! Good job, Honey!

Besides, who wouldn't love a bright pair of socks like that to warm up a winter's day!!


Anonymous said...

Love the toe socks. Still no photos on e mail
Love mum

Sheree said...

Well isn't she a clever thing... and stylish too! LOL

Sheree xx

Lorraine said...

I like her thinking!

And I love your photo-a-day. Thanks for sharing!

Hope you're all doing well.

Love L. xx

Kirsty said...

Hee! What a clever chick!