Monday, August 10, 2009


Day 2: (monday)

the photo/photos:

the story:

Cameron is five weeks old today... Sleeping doesn't seem to be getting any better...he likes to snuggle in and lay upright on your chest... He is 57cm in length and weighs just under 4kgs...

Ethan has graduated from calling him "your baby brother" to "Camwon Twavis". He likes to introduce Cam to others now and as a family, we are required to call him by his Christian names!

Tahlia and Liam have been sick and thankfully today is a public holiday, so they not missing out on school. What they are missing out on, are cuddles with "Camwon Twavis"! They need to be healthy first!


Leeann Pearce said...

Oh my he is just adorable Leanne..... and i hear you on the sleeping oh my jorja has gone into the next size nappies 6 to 11 kgs seems she loves her mummy's milk and is putting on weight well.... I love your photo a day...looking forward to seeing more.... and I'm back in the hospital seems it all didn't come out and they need to clean me out.

Take care... leeann xx

Sheree said...

Awww... he's so adorable! Hope Tahlia and Liam get better soon. I've got both Riley and Madi with temps at the moment too. It's a worry!

Sheree xx

Anonymous said...

Cameron is growing so fast. He is just so beautiful now at 5 weeks. He will be smiling soon. Love the photo a day idea
Love Mum

Melanie H said...

Awwww that photo is gorgeous.
I love the name Camwon too. lol

Lorraine said...

Ah, he's so sweet, Leanne. I want one!

Oh my GOSH - I'm having TWO!!! xx