Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hello friends. And Hello Spring!!! *grin!  The weather in Queensland, Australia is just so beautiful..even though it is still a little bit chilly in the mornings.  lol!

Remember this sneak?  Well even if the sun isn't shining in your part of the world today, here's a little tutorial to make it appear onto a layout or card.  :)

Step 1.  Gather your supplies...

Punch out a large circle from yellow cardstock.  Punch out a second medium circle also from the same cardstock.  Repeat the the process with the medium punch on scratch paper: (1 large yellow circle, 1 medium yellow circle, 1 medium scratch paper circle).
Step 2.  Layer the medium scratch paper circle on top of the reverse side of the large yellow circle.

Once it has been centered, trace around the outside with a pencil.  Mark sections (approximately the width of your pencil) on this outer ring. 

Step 3.  Trim alternate notches with sharp scissors to form the base layer of your sunburst..


Step 4.  Using a small punch, punch out a piece from patterned paper.  Discard.  Using a round template (I've gone for the inner section of the washi tape!) trace around the outside of the negative punched shape on the patterned paper.  tip: Use the reverse side of the paper when tracing with pen or pencil.  :)

Trim around the pencil line to form a thin ring.

Step 5.  Assemble your sunburst. 

Step 6.  Add foam tape between the base layer and the medium punched circle for extra dimension.

And there you have it!  A simple homemade embellishment that uses up a few more scrap pieces of paper.  So.. what do you think?  Please leave a comment if you create a sunburst from this tutorial (or are planning to!).  I would really love to see how you create with them. :)
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МД в картинках said...

I thought it's a sun punch (step 3), but you made it from circle! I love dimensional embellishments so I will make this one soon=)
ps. here the weather is _already_ chilly *sigh*

Lizzy Hill said...

Really clever - will let you know how I go!!!!

Heather McMahon said...

Brilliant Leanne - I'm definitely going to use this idea!

Стокли said...

Ok, it didn't took me 3 months to make the sun. I made it long ago for a LO, but I didn't like it there and it was sitting and waiting, poor thing. Finally I used it. So thanks for the idea=)
(the first comment is mine)